Podcast 46: Don’t Get Organized, Dealing with Sentimental Items, Dealing with Rewards and Treats–and We Hit Five Million!

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.


A few episodes ago, I asked listeners to help: I’m looking for ideas for how to title the book I’m writing about the Four Tendencies. I want it to be “The Four ____ Tendencies” or “The Four Tendencies of ____.” I’m looking for a word that’s concrete, interesting, and describes what the Tendencies are about. Keep those suggestions coming!

Elizabeth got her car serviced, got her hair cut and colored, and started her new eating plan — using full Obliger accountability.

Try This at Home

Control your exit.

Side-note: We’ve heard that perhaps France doesn’t actually have this orange-juice ritual. Anyone know for sure?

Better Than Before Habit Strategy

The Strategy of Convenience. One of the most powerful and universally applicable strategies.

Elizabeth and I discuss our new hard-boiled-egg-makers. On the advice of a listener, I got the Krups egg cooker.  I love it, but will admit that in true satisficer mode, I didn’t do any research — I just bought the one recommended to me.

Special Guest

Mary Harris, host of the terrific health podcast Only Human, came by to tell us about an interesting project they’re doing, about making good fitness habits. To join the project, go to onlyhuman.org/sticktoit.

Elizabeth’s Demerit

Over the holidays in Kansas City, Adam proposed getting a quick drink to wait out the rain, but Elizabeth thought they should hurry home.

Gretchen’s Gold Star

I copied a listener’s gold star for museum memberships. Thanks, Jennifer!

Happier Podcast #46




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