463: Revealed! Our “24 for 24” Lists of 24 Big and Small Things We Want to Accomplish in 2024

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Create your “24 for 24” list.

Any tool is useful that prompts us to reflect on our lives, and what changes we might undertake to make ourselves happier, healthier, more productive, or more creative.

Research shows that when we set specific aims for ourselves, we’re more likely to achieve them.

If you’d like to get the free PDF to write your own “24 for ’24 list,” you can download it here.


If you’d like to read an article I wrote about tips for making your list, it’s here.

ELIZABETH: Her one-word theme is “Book.”

  1. Orange Theory 50 times
  2. Get new sunglasses 
  3. Engage more on social media
  4. Weigh every day
  5. Publish the novel, or have it in the pipeline
  6. #Write24in24 by keeping her One-Sentence Journal
  7. Weekend away with college friends
  8. Weekend away with high-school friends
  9. Get back into therapy
  10.  Walking trip with Gretchen in England
  11.  Put on moisturizer every night
  12.  Have at least one Happier in Hollywood retreat
  13.  Happier in Hollywood newsletter
  14.  Get Fraxel
  15.  Attain and maintain a milestone weight
  16.  Get Nacho’s and Daisy’s stamina good enough to hike
  17.  Go to BravoCon
  18.  Throw a birthday party for herself
  19.  No-Spend February with Gretchen
  20.  Get to 200 pounds on the leg press
  21.  Go to six sound baths with Adam
  22.  Take Daisy and Nacho away for a weekend
  23.  Decorate for Christmas on or by December 1
  24.  Free space!

My one-word theme is “Revisited.”

  1. Make time for watercolor, including making twelve watercolor postcards
  2. Plan a milestone wedding anniversary party
  3. Create a new quiz: “What’s the next new habit that will make you happier?” I love making a quiz! You can take the Four Tendencies quiz here; the Gift-Appreciation quiz here; and the “What’s Your Neglected Sense?” quiz here
  4.  Watch final season of Succession
  5. Do 48 minutes of “review” each weekend day (2 x 24)
  6. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of my children’s literature reading group
  7. Revisit my newsletters — sign up here      
  8. Keep learning and experimenting with AI – I read Ethan Mollick’s Substack newsletter “One Useful Thing,” and I listen to Hard Fork podcast, and I experiment with it
  9.  No-Spend February with Elizabeth
  10.  2 + 4 adventures, such as the walk in England with Elizabeth
  11.  Summer of Abraham Lincoln
  12.  Have monthly casual dinner parties 
  13.  Get a family photo taken in August 
  14.  Make a list of “24 things that please me”
  15.  Throw a perfume night for my friends
  16.  Plan a podcaster gathering
  17.  Catch up on my photo albums 
  18.  24 Days of Policy or Commentary
  19. Plan family trip to Japan
  20. Draw a Muse Machine card each week

  21. Find a way to support a cause I believe in
  22.  Work outside my office
  23. Match-maker: Fix up two couples for a date
  24.  REVISITED: Do another happiness project! If you want to join in, to do your own happiness project in 2024, you can learn more here.


If you want to learn more about the Happiness Trifecta—the one-word theme, #Write24 in24, and the “24 for ’24” list—here you can find many resources and further reading for kicking off your year!

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  • Gretchen: Trustee from the Toolroom by Nevil Shute (Amazon

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