More Happier: A Three-Word Method of Style, Fictional Universes, & the Joy of a New Identity

Something Making Us (More) Happier

Elizabeth: She has loved getting all the style suggestions from listeners, especially the idea from stylist Allison Bornstein: Choose three adjectives—one practical, one aspirational, one emotional—that encapsulate your style.

  • Elizabeth’s three words: current, clean, and confident.
  • Gretchen’s three words: simple, sophisticated, and saturated.

Gretchen: I’m happy to be doing book events for Life in Five Senses!

  • June 6th in Atlanta, GA with Charis Books & More at First Baptist Church of Decatur
  • June 7th in Dallas, TX at Interabang Books  

Get details at

Request signed bookplates here. (U.S. and Canada only.)

I’ve been meaning to ask you

What fictional universe would you want to spend time in?

Spotlight on a Tool

Use my new AI chat feature, the “Happiness Helpline,” that uses my books, articles, and podcast episodes to answer your questions. Find it on your homescreen in the Happier app, or on the right side on

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

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The house next door is never the sanctuary it at first appears to be. If you reach the stage where you are permitted to enter without knocking, you are also expected to come oftener and to penetrate farther and in the end share, along with the permanent inhabitants, the weight of the roof tree. —William Maxwell, Time Will Darken It (Amazon, Bookshop




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