Illustration of orange gifting box for the connoisseur

The Connoisseur

“I like the best, forget the rest.”

Who they are

  • Connoisseur recipients are interested in the best, and they’re gratified when you give them the most outstanding example of something.
  • They enjoy getting items that are the most-recommended, highest-rated, “classic,” best reviewed, most cutting-edge or up-to-date.
  • They prefer quality over quantity. For instance, they’d prefer to get one bottle of excellent scotch rather than a sampler of spirits. 
  • They enjoy getting the latest version of something they consider the best. 
  • If they’ve specified a certain brand or make of an item, don’t substitute; they may not be satisfied with a replacement version
  • They tend to be very knowledgeable in certain areas and enjoy gifts that help them cultivate their appreciation or or advance their expertise. 
  • Because their tastes are very specific, they may enjoy a gift card to use for something they want but haven’t bought for themselves.
  • They have exacting standards and appreciate true excellence.

Gift-giving advice for the Connoisseur

“My boyfriend likes whisky, but he tends to stick to a few specific brands. I considered a sampler set or a subscription box but instead I bought him one top-shelf bottle that he’s been coveting.”

“My friend is passionate about wine. I bought her an ‘aroma kit’ with bottles of aromas to help train your sense of smell and taste. She has told me many times how much it has added to her understanding of wine.”

“With my brother, I realized going to Wirecutter and picking their best reviewed item is the answer for finding him a gift!”

“My child is a Connoisseur and a bird-watcher. For Christmas, I knew one gift was enough: extremely nice binoculars.”

More gift ideas

  • High-quality version of something they regularly use, but wouldn’t splurge on for themselves
  • VIP or exclusive access to an experience like a concert or comedy show
  • Highly reviewed tech upgrades like the latest smartphone, headphones, etc.
  • Limited-edition art or a first-edition book
  • An item used by prominent insiders or experts, such as chef-endorsed utensils or a famous athlete’s favorite sports equipment
  • Addition to an existing collection (make sure your gift is of the same quality)
  • “The best” of anything they like
  • Book or class on a topic they’re interested in

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