Illustration of blue gifting box for the easy-to-please

The Easy-to-Please

“I love whatever you get me.”
“It’s the thought that counts.”

Who they are

  • The Easy-to-Please recipients are open-minded and easy-going. 
  • They can be happy with many types of gifts, and are particularly gratified when you explain why you chose a particular item with them in mind. “This made me think of you…” “I know you love…” “I thought you could use…” “I love this thing, I think you’d love it, too…”
  • The personal touch matters more to them than getting the “best” or “hottest” item.
  • They tend to prefer something that’s comfortable, helpful, and easy to use more than something expensive, trendy, or high-tech.
  • You don’t need to worry about choosing the most impressive or trendy brand. 
  • If they ask for a specific item, they’re likely to be satisfied with a reasonable substitution.
  • They’re open to trying new things and often enjoy receiving items that you personally use and recommend.

Gift-giving advice for the Easy-to-Please

“I wanted to get my boyfriend a bottle of Burgundy we had on vacation, but it was so expensive! I bought another more affordable pinot noir that reminded me of what we drank and included some photos from our trip. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t the same bottle of wine—it was lovely to relive the evening.”

“My mother can be hard to shop for because she’ll say she doesn’t want anything, but I know she’s delighted when I get her something that I personally really love, something handmade, or something she’s mentioned, which shows I was listening and thinking about her.”

“I got my friend some silicone ice cube trays since we love to chat over cocktails, and she talks about them all the time, like they’re the greatest thing ever made.”

“One of my favorite gifts was when my father gave me a hand-warmer. He said, ‘I know your hands get cold, so I thought you might like this.’ I didn’t even know something like that existed.”

More gift ideas

  • A jumbo pack of their favorite snack or candy
  • A variety sampler set of an item they enjoy
  • Book by an author they enjoy
  • Mug with a favorite quotation, image, or in-joke that will remind them of a shared memory
  • Your own favorite items, like packing cubes or kitchen tool 
  • An indulgence that they might not splurge on for themselves but would enjoy, such as a spa treatment, wine-tasting, sound bath, or massage
  • An activity or experience you can do together
  • Photo book or framed photo that tells a story from your relationship
  • Something handmade
  • An upgraded version of a tool they use every day, such as an excellent pair of scissors, or an item that makes an everyday experience more luxurious

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