Illustration of green gifting box for the enthusiast

The Enthusiast

“I can’t wait to give it a try.”

Who they are

  • Enthusiast recipients are engaged, curious, and adventurous. They’re particularly gratified when a gift reflects their interests and their love of variety, experimentation, and being up-to-date.
  • They’re excited to try the new-and-improved version of something they enjoy.
  • They’re very interested in personal recommendations and reviews, and like to try what’s considered the best.
  • They’re interested in trends and will appreciate the hot new thing, or the underground sensation, even if it’s something they’ve never tried before. 
  • They appreciate variety, so they enjoy samplers or unfamiliar versions of things they already use. For instance, even if they have a favorite brand of sunscreen, they’d enjoy getting a bottle of the brand that has an unusual new texture.
  • They enjoy trying the best or most quintessential experience or example of something—whether high-end or mass-market.

Gift-giving advice for the Enthusiast

“My best friend’s favorite everyday luxury is candles. I got her an advent calendar of small candles and she said she loved trying out new ones each week to light in the evening.”

“My mom is an Enthusiast. One of the best gifts I ever gave her was a skin cream, when I was able to tell her, ‘A really fashionable friend says that this is a cult favorite among the New York City downtown crowd. You can buy it from only one store, and it’s almost never in stock, and I got the last one for you.’”

“My brother loves trying new things, so experiences or activities, fun colors or flavors of things I know she likes, are my go-to gifts for him.”

“My nephew likes board games. Every year, I get him the most popular new game, and it’s always a hit.”

More gift ideas

  • Subscription box that delivers new products every month
  • Tickets to a new exhibit, play, concert, etc. they might find interesting
  • Activity-based experience like a cooking class or wine-tasting
  • The latest book, gadget, or product in a category they’re interested in
  • Streaming service subscription for a genre they’re interested in exploring
  • Sampler set of something they enjoy in a variety of flavors or colors: tea, jam, chocolate, perfume, honey, salt, makeup, soaps
  • Starter set for an activity or hobby they’ve expressed interest in trying
  • A box set or collection from their favorite author or filmmaker
  • Supplies or tools for their hobby

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