A Fun New Way to Have a Happier Summer

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Have you ever reached the end of summer and wished you’d done more to enjoy the season?

For many of us, summer is marked by longer days, looser schedules, and opportunities for time off from work or school. But taking advantage of that time requires reflection and planning.

It’s easy to tell ourselves “Next week,” “We missed it this year, but we’ll plan ahead next year,” or “I can’t think of anything I want to do,” and let the summer months slip away.

Every year on the Happier podcast, Elizabeth and I dedicate an episode to “Design Your Summer” to help us and listeners make the most of the season. The idea comes from Robertson Davies who says, “Adventures are what make a summer.” What makes a summer for you?

Also, when a particular season feels distinctive, time feels more rich, and our experiences are more memorable. If every month is exactly like the month before, time speeds up and blurs—so by doing lots of summery activities, we’ll make that part of the year stand out. (Of course, it’s a good idea to do the same thing for winter!)

I’ve created a new way to use the “Spin the Wheel” tool in the Happier™ app to help you design your summer and do more of the things that make you happier. For the month of June, every Spin the Wheel challenge will suggest something to add to your summer bucket list, an idea to spark a new tradition, or an activity that will help the season feel distinct.

Whether you want to rest and recharge, travel and have adventures, connect and deepen your relationships, or play and explore your creativity, you’ll find concrete ideas to help you plan ahead or get in-the-moment inspiration. You can spin the wheel and get up to three new ideas per day.

The Happier app is free to download, and you can use the Spin the Wheel tool with or without a subscription. 

Want to make progress on your aims over the summer? Here are more ways you can use the Happier app this season.



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