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Podcast 214: Try Giving Up Something for a Month, a Confession and Hack Related to Leather Pants, and a Question for Listeners about Chemotherapy.


Update: Congratulations to Elizabeth on the launching of The Fix; it's so exciting to have episodes hitting the airwaves at last. ABC at 10 pm on Monday nights—mark your calendars!

And thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and support of my my new book Outer Order, Inner Calm. If you read the book and get inspired, post your before-and-after photos—how I love a before-and-after. Post to #outerorderinnercalm.

Also, Elizabeth and I are going to do a tour for the Happier podcast! Come see our disembodied voices live on stage. “Happier Hour” tickets for Detroit, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis are now on sale.

We have four live shows currently booked, with more to come:

The New York City show sold out fast, so if you’re planning to come, do go ahead and buy your ticket. Information here. If you have any questions about buying a ticket, contact the venue. They'll have the answers you need.

Yowza, it has been a big month for the sisterly team.

Try This at Home: Try giving up something for a month. For instance, Elizabeth followed "Dry January" this year.

As I mention, when I was studying habit-change while writing my book Better Than Before, I saw a potential complication from this approach. Read the chapter on the "Strategy of Reward" if you want to learn more about this phenomenon.

I also mention the "hedonic treadmill" and the distinction between Abstainers and Moderators.

Happiness Hack: Don't buy an article of clothing if it makes you feel as if you're wearing a costume.

Four Tendencies Tip: Paying for piano lessons wasn't enough to make this Obliger listener feel accountable, but after her music teacher said that her Ph.D. would be affected if her students didn't show up for class, the Obliger never missed a class.

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Elizabeth's Demerit: At the last minute, and almost accidentally, Elizabeth bought eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Listener Answer: We want to hear from

you: What are your suggestions for helping people to feel calm and vital while

undergoing chemotherapy? Leave us a message at 774-277-9336 or podcast@gretchenrubin.com.

Gretchen's Gold Star: I love the Netflix eight-episode show Russian Doll. I've watched it twice! It's absolutely terrific. As promised, here's my copy of Emily of New Moon.


  1. I've put together a collection of readings suggested by readers and podcast listeners that would be appropriate for a funeral or memorial service, and another collection for wedding readings. Download either PDF at gretchenrubin.com/resources.
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