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Podcast 124: Remember Love, Coping with Sad Anniversaries, and Why People Shouldn’t Tell You What You “Should” Be Able to Do.


Update: Elizabeth gives a teaser -- tomorrow on her other podcast Happier in Hollywood, she and Sarah discuss the highly controversial issue of food in the workplace. Will they discuss the evil donut-bringer? Tune in!

Try This at Home: Remember love. When someone is bugging us, often we can re-frame the situation by remembering: this person's annoying behavior is an expression of love.

Happiness Hack: Use a Ziploc bag instead of a toiletry bag. Cheap, clear, easy to replace, any size, and changes shape to conform to the open space in a suitcase.

Four Tendencies Tips: Be very wary when someone tells you what you "should be able" to do. That's often a sign that someone is giving you advice based on their Tendency, which is often not the way that's right for someone else.

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Listener Question: Nicole asks about "What's your advice about dealing with sad anniversaries?" If you have any strategies to suggest, please let us know.

Elizabeth’s Demerit: Elizabeth didn't "design the summer" for her seven-year-old Jack. I mention the "Strategy of Clarity," which is very useful to keep in mind.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: I give a gold star to Dwight Garner's new New York Times book column, "American Beauties," where he writes about under-sung American books from the past 75 years. The novel that Elizabeth mentions after the credits is Soleri by Michael Johnston.

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