Podcast 121: How to Get More Reading Done, a Car-Related Hack, and an Interview with Sam Walker about Leadership.


We love reading everyone’s haiku! Here’s mine for today:

Writing my haiku A new way to see the world Quiet, creative.

Try This at Home

Read more. Something that definitely boosts my happiness! For my one-pager about “Reading Better Than Before,” it’s here. As promised, here are Daniel Pennac’s “10 Inalienable Rights of the Reader.” 

Happiness Hack

Michael Melcher suggests using the vacuum at the gas station to keep the car clean. Outer order, inner calm. Check out his podcast, Meanwhile, for ideas about how to improve your work and life. 


We talked to journalist and editor Sam Walker about his fascinating book The Captain Class: the Hidden Force That Creates the World’s Greatest Teams. It’s about sports, leadership, and success. Sam mentions that he’s a Questioner. Don’t know your Tendency? Take the quiz here to see if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel

Sam’s Try This at Home

Ride a bike to work.

Gretchen’s (Possible) Demerit

I decided to stop driving in New York City. I write about my dislike of driving in Happier at Home,  and as part of the experiment of that book I worked hard to get back into the practice of driving. This decision feels cowardly — but those drives drain me and casts a shadow over summer weekends. 

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Elizabeth and Adam just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, and that occasion reminded her how much work our mother did, to plan her wedding. It was gorgeous, and just what Elizabeth wanted. 

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