Podcast 131: Do 10 Jumping Jacks, an Easy Way to Stay Off Your Device — and Life Is High School.

Try This at Home

Do ten jumping jacks. It will boost your mood and increase your energy. If you want to listen to the Happier 911 playlist on Spotify, it’s here. Such a terrific collection of songs.

Happiness Hack

As a way to cut down device addiction, Eric suggests that by forcing yourself to type in a long password to open your phone — rather than using a 6-digit password or fingerprint — you make it more inconvenient to open your phone and therefore easier to stay off it. I talk about this strategy, the Strategy of Inconvenience, in Better Than Before.

Happiness Stumbling Block

When you feel like you’re in high school, all over again. The thing is, life is high school.

Listener Question

Bethleen asks, “What should I do with my dead mother’s wedding dress?” As promised, I include a photo of Kristen in her vintage wedding dress.

Gretchen’s Demerit

I gave myself a prospective demerit, as a way to do a “pre-mortem” to anticipate reasons for failure. Doing a pre-mortem helps identify ways to help a project to succeed. This is an exercise that really works! To learn more about doing a pre-mortem, read Gary Klein’s piece “Peforming a Project Premortem” in the Harvard Business Review. I did a pre-mortem by thinking, “My book fizzled. What did I do wrong?” and got very fired up to promote my book more. For instance, here’s the link to the pre-order bonus videos.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Elizabeth gave a gold star to her friend Jessica who entered — and won! — a Beverly Hills Pie-Baking Contest.

Free Resources

  1. Want to join my group of Super-Fans? From time to time, I’ll offer you a little bonus, or ask for a small favor (nothing onerous, I promise). Sign up here. Super-Fans, I so appreciate your support and enthusiasm.
  2. To get the pre-order bonus, you can find info here, or at happiercast.com/4tbonus. You’ll get the overview video as well as subject videos on using the Four Tendencies at work, with spouses and sweethearts, with children and students, and in health-care settings.  Free now; after the book comes out, there will be a charge for the video series.
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